Honest Review on the Muddy Game Camera

Honest Review on the Muddy Game Camera

A Muddy game camera is a kind of trail camera designed for monitoring wildlife, game animals, or security purposes. The muddy game camera is an outdoor camera equipped to capture photos and videos of animals in their natural habitat but is often triggered by motion or heat sensors. Muddy game cameras come in various models, each offering unique features to suit the needs of its users. Hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and property owners.
The muddy game camera, pinpointing the muddy matrix and muddy manifest 2.0 models, is well regarded for its blend of features and affordability.

Muddy Matrix

The muddy matrix cellular trail camera is a solid choice for both AT&T and Verizon users. Thanks to its dual sim card which automatically connects to the best network. Despite its excellent features and performance. The matrix’s flash type and power Consumption could be improved. It offers a reasonable price between price and performance.


Photo Quality

The muddy matrix has a 36-megapixel ( interpolated)

Video Resolution

With a video resolution of up to 1080p

Battery Life

The muddy matrix has a battery capacity which is Approximately 2.1 months with 8 AA batteries, extendable with higher capacity options.

Detection Circuit

The muddy matrix has a detection circuit of 80ft range and a 0.21-second trigger speed for photos


The muddy matrix is robust with a secure latch and a well-sealed battery compartment, though the top antenna port could be better positioned to avoid moisture issues.

Muddy Manifest 2.0

The muddy manifest 2.0 is another popular model known for its upgraded features. Its extended battery life, up to 4.4 months with 8 AA lithium batteries and ease of setup. The muddy manifest 2.0 image quality, while adequate, can appear slightly washed out, especially in daytime shots. Its lower detection range and slower recovery times are potential drawbacks, but the long battery life and user-friendly setup process are significant advantages.


Photo Quality

Offering a photo quality of 16 megapixels ( interpolated ).

Flash Type

Red glow IR, effective within 30-40 but limited beyond that.

Trigger Speed

The muddy manifest offers a trigger speed of 0.54 seconds, with a slower recovery time of about 30 seconds under normal conditions.


The muddy manifest 2.0 has a similar build quality to the muddy matrix with a side antenna port to reduce moisture ingress.

Product Pros and Cons

Muddy Manifest 2.0


.long battery life: The muddy Manifest 2.0 has a battery capacity that can last up to 4.4 months on a set of 8 AA lithium batteries reducing the frequency of battery changes.
.Ease of Setup: Easy to set up via the stealth cam command pro app, making it user-friendly for all levels of expertise.
. Solid Build Quality: Equipped with a secure latch, robust casing and a side antenna port to minimize moisture ingress.
. Two-Year Warranty: offers a generous two-year warranty. Providing peace of mind for users.


. Limited Detection Range: offers a detection range of 70ft which is below the industry standard potentially missing more distant movements.
. Average Image Quality: Daytime photos can be slightly washed out and nighttime photos tend to lose clarity beyond 30-40 feet.
. Slow Recovery Time: The recovery time can be slow especially while transmitting photos. Which might affect the ability to capture successive images quickly.

Muddy Matrix


.High Photo Resolution: The muddy matrix offers a high photo resolution of up to 36 megapixels. Providing highly detailed images.
.Quick Trigger Speed: offers a fast trigger speed of 0.21 seconds to ensure solid capture of moving subjects.
. Dual Network Connectivity: Equipped with pre-installed SIM cards for AT&T and Verizon. Automatically selecting the best available network.
. Versatility: The muddy matrix is suitable for various applications including wildlife monitoring and property security due to its innovative features and connectivity.


. High Power Consumption: The muddy matrix power Consumption might necessitate more frequent battery changes compared to other models which could be inconvenient.
. Red Glow IR Flash: The flash type is visible to animals, which might alert them and alter their natural behaviour.
. No Internal Viewer: lacks an internal Viewer. It requires a connected device to view images and videos.

Product Benefits

. High Photo and Video Quality
. Quick and Efficient Detection
. Trigger Speed
. Long Battery Life
. Durability and Weather Resistance
. User-Friendly Setup and Operation
Cellular Connectivity
.Warranty and Support.
. Applications

Product pricing .

The pricing of the muddy game camera varies depending on the models and features.
. Muddy Matrix Dual Network Cellular Camera (36MP).: priced at $119.9.
. Muddy Mitigator Dual Network Cellular Camera (24MP).: priced at $99.99.
.Muddy Pro Cam 14 Combo: priced at $39.99.

Product Alternatives

. Browning Strike Force Pro X 1080
. Covert Mp30
. Spyppoint Force Pro
. Moultrie A-40.
. Bushnell Cellcore 20
. Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Cellular.


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Muddy game cameras offer a combination of affordability, quality and user-friendly features. Making them a strong choice for various monitoring needs.

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